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Nexus Creative is a community of extraordinary artists committed to excellence, and passionate about making God's name known and renowned in today's generations through the arts. If you would like to be a part of this community, please tell us more about yourself in the form below.

Following the submission of this form we will contact you to discuss your application in more detail before asking you to take the following steps:

  • Attend Discovery - The Discovery sessions are designed to answer your questions about Nexus, and give you an insight into the vision and 'DNA' of Nexus Church. More information can be found here:
  • Attend a Creative 'All-In' night - Attending an All-In night, held on the 1st Wednesday of each month, will allow you to connect with other members of the team and learn more about our culture and values. Every Wednesday, different parts of our team meet together to learn, rehearse, socialise, worship, or develop our gifts in other ways.
  • If you are 18 years of age or older, you must hold a valid Blue Card, or obtain a Blue Card from the Queensland Government by successfully completing a 'Working With Children Check'. If you do not have a valid Blue Card, we will provide you with the appropriate forms. After you submit this form, a member of our Nexus Church team (outside of our Creative Team) will contact you in regards to your Blue Card status.
  • Audition (Band & Vocals) - Once we have received your form, and you have attended Discovery and a Creative All-In night, we will discuss our upcoming audition dates with you and schedule you in.
  • Roster (Band, Vocals, Production) - Our rosters are published in blocks of 2 calendar months. Once we have completed all of the steps above, discussed your availability (work/study/family schedule etc.), and have confirmed that you have the appropriate IEM drivers (info here), we will add you to the roster, starting on the next roster cycle.

Thank you for expressing an interest in our Creative Team. We look forward to having you as part of the team and please don't hesitate to contact us ( if you have any questions.

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Please note: all musicians, singers, and monitor engineers must provide own industry standard In-Ear Monitors (IEM). There are specific standards required that are dependent on your role, so please use the information linked here or contact us with any questions before making any IEM purchases.